Alpana Rai is an Australian abstract landscape artist whose vibrant and dynamic abstract landscapes capture the essence of Australia's natural beauty. She describes her paintings as a mingling of places she has experienced and energies she senses, inviting viewers to visually enter and bask in her creations. Her work serves as a translator, connecting the viewer and the painter through recognizable artifacts that evoke memories or activate new thoughts.

Alpana is intrigued by human beings' ability to fantasize and the concept of a collective unconsciousness. Her abstract landscapes and compositions are not meant to be fully understood but rather to elicit a sense of familiarity and fiction in the viewer's experience.

Her paintings feature a flurry of connecting brushstrokes, blending and flowing together to create a vibrant and organic landscape. 

Since 2019, Alpana Rai has exhibited extensively in the Melbourne metropolitan area. She is an active member of the RedWest Creatives Co-op and the Melbourne and Victorian Artists Inc. In 2021, she obtained certifications in Modern Art and Ideas, as well as Post-war Abstract Painting, from the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

Alpana has achieved recognition for her talent and has been selected as a Online finalist for the Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Prize in 2022 and 2023. , Art Red Hill in the Mornington Peninsula, and the Portland Art Show in Victoria. Alpana's dedication to her craft is evident in her continuous participation in art shows and exhibitioHer artwork has been showcased in various group exhibitions, including the Affordable Art Fair in Sydney and Melbournens.