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Alpana Rai Arts

Dreamscape Variations

Dreamscape Variations

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Shipping in Australia- Free Shipping, this extra large abstract expressionism  artwork will be delivered ready to hang in a box.

Comes With Signed certificate of authenticity.
  • Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
  • Canvas Size: 180cm (W) x 110cm (H) x 4cm (D)
  • Canvas measurements With Frame: 183cm (W) x 113cm (H) x 5cm (D)
  • Framed In Natural Tasmanian Oak

In "Dreamscape Variations," I aim to explore the intricate and often ambiguous relationship between reality and imagination. This piece is a visual representation of landscapes that exist not in the physical world but within the realm of dreams and memories.

The vibrant and contrasting colors are deliberately chosen to evoke a sense of surrealism and emotional intensity. Pinks and purples blend with earthy tones to create a sense of harmony and discord simultaneously. The bold, unrestrained brushstrokes convey movement and fluidity, suggesting that the landscape is in a constant state of flux, much like our thoughts and emotions.

The abstract forms are intentionally ambiguous, encouraging viewers to bring their own interpretations to the piece. One might see mountains, valleys, and rivers, while another might perceive entirely different shapes and narratives. The inclusion of recognizable elements, such as a bridge or a house, grounds the painting in a semblance of reality, while their distorted representations remind us of the dream-like quality of the scene.

This painting is as much about the journey of the viewer as it is about the creation process. Each person who views "Dreamscape Variations" will bring their own experiences and emotions, creating a unique interaction with the piece. My goal is to evoke a sense of exploration and introspection, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the abstract landscape and perhaps find something new within themselves.

Through "Dreamscape Variations," I hope to capture the ephemeral nature of our inner worlds and the beauty that lies within the abstract and the unknown.

** Painting is Framed Oak Floating frame
** This is an Original Art By Alpana Rai Arts


If this painting is not the required size, I can do another version to your size specifications as a commission. So please contact me and I will organise a quote very quickly for you.

Alpana Rai is a Melbourne based artist, working from in Home Studio in the Point Cook.

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