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Alpana Rai Arts

Outback Embers

Outback Embers

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Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Canvas measurements 120cm (W) x 90cm (H) x 4cm (D)

This painting, characterized by a vibrant red and orangish background, is a reflection of the raw, untamed beauty found in the heart of the Australian Outback. With bold strokes and a sense of abstract expressionism, Alpana sought to capture the essence of this remote landscape, where nature's fiery intensity meets the serene grandeur of ancient hills and mountains. 

The bottom right corner of the painting introduces a tranquil touch of blue, contrasting with the fiery hues above, signifying the oasis of hope amidst the rugged terrain. As the eye descends towards the bottom, it encounters a ground rich in rusty brown, green, and yellow, with hints of blue peeking through, mirroring the complex palette of the Australian wilderness.

 The heart of the composition is consumed by a vivid spectrum of red shades, reminiscent of the intense desert sunsets and the passion that emanates from this land. The hills and mountains, abstracted yet distinctly present, emerge like ancient sentinels, guardians of an ancient land.
** Painting is Not Framed
** This is an Original Art By Alpana Rai Arts

Alpana Rai is a Melbourne based artist, working from in Home Studio in the Point Cook.

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